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Old Man River

Caricature published in the newspaper "Ledger" 03.05.1927 depicting the "Old Man River" affected by a severe case of "floods".
The Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover and the Commander of the Engineer Corps Major General Edgar Jadwin of the US-Army endorse the common (snake oil ?-)cure: higher and higher dams as projected for the Mississippi River and Tributaries Project after the great flood of 1927 - despite modern methods like reforestation, flood management and limitation of construction in flood plains, dismissed as new-fashion drugs, are available.


  1. That would be "Commander of the Army Engineer Corps", not "engineer corpse." Navy Corpsmen and Corps of Engineer folks would likely take offense to being called dead bodies, no matter how occasionally appropriate that may seem.

  2. Thanks much for posting; things don't change much, so sad.

  3. @coconino - thanks, it is true that dead men tell no tales...


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