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Earthquakes and the rapture

Peter Hadfield debunks again all the religious crap and quacks misusing geologic phenomena to promote their delusions:

Fig.1. Boxplot-diagram showing earthquake magnitude after Richter in the years 1900-2002 - the mean value of every year shows no significant trend 1900-1960, since 1960 the monitoring system incorporates more and weaker earthquakes, therefore the step - but again the mean value of all events per year show no trend, also stronger earthquakes do not surpass the years of the first half of the 20th century…all the self-proclaimed prophets obviously didn´t even bother to control the information aviable on the site of the U.S.G.S.

And now more prophets....


  1. Brilliant! I'm posting this to Skepchick. Seems that he has a great YouTube channel!

  2. Peter Hadfield is a geologist (of course !!!) turned journalist, he posts mostly creation myths and science deniers debunking on two channels: potholer54 and Potholer54debunks


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