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12, May 1931 : Alfred Lothar Wegener

"We stand against [the earth] like the judge stands against a defendant who refused to give any information, and we have the task to reveal the truth by circumstantial evidence."
"Die Entstehung der Kontinente und Ozeane." 4th ed by Alfred L. Wegener (1929)

Fig.1. 12, May 1931 the body of Alfred Wegener is found on the ice of Greenland, the remaining members of the expedition led by Kurt Wegener, Alfred´s brother, use a drill pipe to mark the grave with a cross. They respected Wegener´s love to the Arctic and buried him in the ice he had studied for many years and on various expeditions (photography by the Alfred Wegener Institute).
Today, all signs of Wegener’s last resting place are vanished beneath the ice.

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