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A geologist riddle #16

This drawing will be related to a next week anniversary, the most peculiar feature of this outcrop are the small vertical structures as seen in the left sketch - so what phenomena and concept of geology is recognizable here ?


  1. OK. It seems to be a sketch by Powell and the anniversary would be the beginning of his journey down the Green and Colorado rivers. Still havent deduced the significance of the small vertical features.

  2. It´s not the Powell expedition (however accidentally I’m reading a biography and it´s good to see that 26 May I must post something). There is a much more prominent drawing of the same outcrop published in 1883 (but then it would be to easy)– apparently it is a succession of sediments (horizontal layers) in thick homogenous banks, the question is how much time was needed to deposit it (that’s a hind to the anniversary of next week)– and for the vertical sedimentological features, such things are quite rare in geology – sediments not tend to pile up vertically, at least not if there is nothing in the way like some … biology….

  3. I'll guess it is the vertical petrified trees at Specimen Ridge, Yellowstone with a tie-in to the coming Mt. St. Helens anniversary, and perhaps a nice take-down of creationist "geology" if we're lucky.


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