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A geologist riddle #17

Hurry up to solve this georiddle before the end or the world is here! The following photographs show the same, the second in greater detail - what is this particular rock and what connection has it to the posts of this (last earthly) week (note the boot on the left corner of the first picture for scale) ?


  1. Looks like a volcanic breccia; the only good one I'm familiar with is the Eocene Absaroka volcanics north and east of Yellowstone. But maybe this is from Mt. St. Helens or some other famous volcano?

  2. I agree with Callan but considering the day, I'm thinking it was the End of the World for either Atlantis (Crete), making this a Santorini breccia, or Pompeii/Herculaneum, making it a Vesuvius one.


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