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DJ Geology mixing for you

Geology and palaeontology have inspired all sorts of music and songs, there is something for everybody, from rap to classic music, from hard rock to blues, from the Archean to the Anthropocene.

The German music group "The Ocean" in 2007 released an hard rock album entitled "Precambrian", the single CD´s are named after the four erathems of the Precambrian (Hadean/Archaean/Meso- and Neoproterozoic) and the single songs after the single periods (Tonian, Cryogenian,…).

The Canadian Burgess Shale Fauna is one of the icons in geology, and inspired by Stephen J. Goulds Wonderful Life (1989) in 1994 the composer Rand Steiger wrote a work for large orchestra entitled "The Burgess Shale" featuring Pikaia and Hallucigenia.

The paleoartist Ray Troll is known best for his surreal -comic kind artwork, but there is a quite good Devonian Blues written and performed in 2005.
The band "Ilium"published an album with the title "Permian dusk", also the song EoceneDawning and King Crimson wrote the "Dinosaur".
Not hard enough ? Try Pearl Jam´s Evolution and Korn´s Evolution versions, both wrong from the scientific content but they rock ...
The Italian progressive rock band Banco del Mutuo Soccorso has also a quite good song dedicated about Evoluzione.

In his animation film "Allegro non Troppo" (1976) the Italian cartoonist Bruno Bozzetto uses Maurice Ravel Bolero to display a sort of ladder of evolution. In the same movie a bunch of cave mens dances to Danza slavica Nr.7 by Antonin Dvorak.
In Le carnaval des animaux (The Carnival of the Animals) by the French Camille Saint-Saëns also the Fossils and extinct animals have their grand debut.

And Baba Brinkman explores with his hip-hop Rap Guide to Evolution modern Evolutionary Biology.

Hot tip by Gunnar Ries: Dr. Richard Alley´s Geoman and other classics, like Ring of Fire, Rocking Around the Silicates and Down Doo Bee Doo. And "Marvin Pontiac" want´s us to "Bring Me Rocks- to study them."
Charles Darwin and his Evolution (not just a) theory inspired bunch of songs, Suzi Quatro calls Hey Charly, released in 1991 on her album Darwin the Evolution, and Chumbawamba on their The Boy Bands Have Won have a good time with a sing-along for Charles Darwin.

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