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Cabinets of curiosities #2: The Freak Show

The apparent chaos displayed in the Cabinets of Curiosities was in fact essential part of them, forcing the visitor to explore every corner and to delve into a subject, to find and touch the strangest things, and experience a cool chill by discovering hidden abomination.
Sometime the monsters were of natural origin, however also strange art objects were exposed.

The host of the cabinet was glad to conduct the visitors' trough his collection, enjoying their astonishment, take for example the third installment of the new Boneyard to explore the hidden corners of Palaeontology in the Web, and also the Accretionary Wedge… Trick or Treat..
And speaking of fear, who don't remember the creepy plastic - saurs of our youth? Generations of children scared their parents with these monstrosities; today such jewels lurk in many collections.
Other abominations are old or new Monster-movies, the best geo-related movies were selected by Jessica Ball and assembled on the brandnew Magma cum Laude AGU-Blog.
LOOK OUT for The Monolith Monsters, El monstruo de los volcanes, Fantasia and Tremors...

For centuries it was thougth to be impossible, stories of falling rocks were considered fairy tales, and presumed "thunderstones" displayed well guarded in Cabinets of Curiosities, as strange and scary messengers from other worlds...


  1. New Header

    The horse's head is more a zoological item and only a geo, if you count

    But influenced by the European enlightenment for the first time in history a kind of crisis management was organized,

    yep....hundreds of hangings


    hanging gardens

    to supervise the rescue of the injured?
    rescue with live lime

    the dispose of the corpses and the reconstruction of the city.
    Asked what to do Melo, follower to the enlightenment? and convinced rationalist?
    two years in england and the brute
    never speak a word of your language

    "Bury the dead and heal the living."

    well your account from the first of November 1755
    is similar to

    the apple tree drama in america
    or a historical soap opera

  2. I think this comment is not the result of bad translation, because today programs are quit good - and not a single word gives any sense.
    Also your contribution is in the wrong post, so for the next troll-moment please consider:

    "Where you not possess talent and no merit,
    keep your mouth away from speaking.
    The tongue, she reveals the shame of people,
    easily the almond without the kernel."
    Saadi (1213-92), Persian poet


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