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A really bad movie: Yor - The Hunter from the Future (1983)

It's Friday, and what better way to pass a rainy evening by watching a good movie (or not?).

Yor: "The blood of your enemies makes you stronger! Drink!"
Pak: "Urgh...I'd rather stay weak!"

YOR - The Hunter from the Future (1983) is a film produced by the Italian company "Daimant Film" under the supervision of the noted B-movie director Antonio Margheriti, and Reb Brown plays the main character called Yor "He's the man!"

Of all the trash films, this masterpiece is surely one of the best of the worst examples, as the film appears in the list of the 100 most terrible movies according to John Wilson, founder of the prestigious "Golden Rapsberry" price.
Here every detail is designed to be trash: the plot is simply stupid, the characters are childish, the costumes are ridiculous, the special effects are pathetic and even the soundtrack (mp3 3.4 MB), contributed by Guido & Maurizio De Angeli, has a trashy charm.

(Warning SPOILER ALERT!) The film begins introducing, as the music suggest, Yor, running through the desert of the Turkish region of Kappadokia. The introduction song can also be regarded as the summary of the entire intellectual content of the movie: Yor is a blond caveman who main occupations are fighting dinosaurs, armed only with a stone axe, and a Dimetrodon (notable the only starring in a movie as I know), killing people and destroying civilizations.
But back to the plot: Yor encounters two other cavemen, the standard caveman Pak and the beautiful Kala, busy hunting a prehistoric pig (with spines attached to it with glue). Suddenly a kind of triceratops attacks, which is promptly killed by Yor, a scene with lots and lots of blood and gore. The combat ends appropriately by Yor drinking the blood of his prey.

Fig.1. No comment.

To thank Yor, Kala and Pak invite him in their village, which is promptly attacked by blue-skinned ape-men trying to kidnap all the women. Yor sets off to find the hideout of the aggressors and after a short encounter with some mummies discovers the cave. The problem now remains how to reach the cave entrance at the top of a cliff. No problem for Yor - with bow and arrow he kills quickly a pterosaur -thing or giant bat (I'm not sure what it should represent), whose carcass is used by Yor to glide into the cave, kicking the guard unconscious, and with the background choir singing "He's the man!" (Seeing is believing mpg 2.5 MB).

Fig.2. Did they even try?

Yor finally enters the cave, kills everyone and everything and returns to a fishing village (after saving his beloved Kala), where he suddenly is told about the secret of a mysterious island in the middle of the sea.
Here the plot changes completely; the peaceful village is suddenly attacked by death -rays. Yor gets onto the island, ruled by a mad dictator with an army of robots that need the genetic material of Yor to procreate. Here he will solve the terrible secret of the resurrected dinosaurs and creatures of the Permian age, and the secret that brought to life the mutant ape-men...

If the plot seems even more confusing and inconsistent as by "Lost", the explanation is simple, the original adventures of Yor were a miniseries of four episodes produced for the Italian television. After the first broadcast the series has been cut into a 90 minute long film for the big screen. There is no considerable difference regarding the plot between the TV version (extremely rare to find on videotape) and the more common movie version - both are illogical, but in the uncensored version the fights between Yor and the prehistoric creatures last longer and there is even more blood and gore!

Conclusion, the film deserves the "fame" that he has won since his "birth" and the end is (Spoiler Warning!) , naturally, trash:

"Yor returns to the primitive tribes on the mainland. He is determined to use his superior knowledge to prevent them making the same mistakes as their forefathers. Will he succeed?"

YOR - The Hunter from the Future (TV Trailer, 1983)

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