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Would You Kindly Help To Expand A Rock Collection

If you eventually enjoy my blogging or like the historic titbits I share on social networks and would show some gratitude - I´m not asking for money but rather some samples to expand a rock collection used for teaching purpose. If by chance you got some smaller samples (6x8x4cm/8x8x4cm or smaller would be enough) with basic info (where, when, who, what) to share, drop me a mail at HistoryGeology"add" to discuss details, direct contact and refund.


David Bressan


  1. Hi!
    What kind of rocks are you looking for? There is a particular methodology (or need previous scientific information) for collecting the pieces?

    1. Not necessary, most important is exact location, as I´m eventually able to ID a rock. But every basic information helps. Also eventually I don´t wan´t to get 10 times a granite, so if teh rock is already ID in the field it would make it more easy to decide if sending it to me would make sense.



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