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Onkalo - the cave - is the name given to a subterranean facility being built deep inside massive gneiss lens surrounded by schist in southern Finland. Once finished in 2020 it will act as permanent repository for highly radioactive nuclear waste.
When its capacity is exhausted - in estimated 100 years - it must be sealed off for at least the next 100.000 years…Into Eternity is a documentary film realized in 2009 that explores the gloomy threat of a place that can never be forgotten and at the same time should ever be feared by future generations….

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  1. when we concider the idea of how to maintain a message for the future that must enforce the importance of avoidance, I think we are stuck with the dilemma of human curriosity. So many times in history we see that any site of importance being religious or disatarouse has been asaulted by the academic faculty with the intention of trying to explain the culture of the civilization being studied. Given the importance of the message, how do we reply to this canundrum?


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