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A geologist riddle #5

An accurate, even wonderfull view on a small flea, but there was much more to discover at the time this engraving was made.
So there is a connection between this image of the flea and geology in general - what, or better - who is this connection?


  1. Image is from Hooke's "Micrographica", so I'm going with Robert Hooke. He did some work on surveying and map-making, didn't he?

  2. Robert Hooke collected and studied fossils near his home town on the Isle of Wight. Later he was an early member of the Royal Society, where he was an experimenter and microscopist (hence the flea). He was also a surveyor (surveyed central London after the Great Fire) and architect (collaborating with Christopher Wren on many projects) and used local building stone--another geological connection


  3. JL and Howard got there before me but the who is surely Robert Hooke whose flea it is and who was also a geologist.

  4. Robert Hooke is correct - here some considerations on him as geologist:

    his role is mainly overshadowed by similar research by Steno


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