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Prehistoric Monster Movie: The Mighty Gorga (1969)

The original movie King Kong is one of the most successful film released 77 years ago on March 2, 1933. It had a profound impact on the film industry, it is almost impossible to name all the movies inspired by King Kong, including many who have simply made copy and paste of the plot or the monster - a giant primate - with results that range from respectable to delusional and pathetic.

"The Mighty Gorga", produced in 1969 by David L. Hewitt, must be included in the last category.

The story of the film is a simple rip-off of the original:
In search of an attraction for his circus, a young explorer decides to lead an expedition into the unexplored regions of the Congo, to follow rumours about a giant creature hidden in the forest. Here they discover an isolated plateau, where dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, including Gorga, survived and are adored by the natives like gods.

The producers do not even try denying that they copied from the original, but what makes this film mentionable is his high "trash" factor - the special effects must be seen to be believed - simple sock puppets moved before a projection of the real footage movie. Hewitt even "borrowed "some scenes from other films, like "Goliath and the Dragon" (1960).

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