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15 September, 1914: Gertie the wonderfully trained Dinosaurus

September 15. 1914, the short movie Gertie the Dinosaur, the first dinosaur to appear in a movie, was notified for copyright.
Gertie the dinosaur, also Gertie the trained dinosaur, is a movie with a animated segment by the American cartoonist Winsor McCay and produced in 1914.

McCay was inspired to create Gertie, considered today one the first classic animation figures and the first dinosaur to appear in a movie, in 1912 by a series of drawings depicting prehistoric animals commissioned by the American Historical Association.
However, even in 1905 in the comic adventure of McCay's "Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend" a "Brontosaurus" skeleton is shown.
McCay presented the short animation part, consisting of 10.000 single hand drawn photograms, of the trained dinosaur the first time in February 8. 1914 as part of his show in the Palace Theatre of Chicago. The show was a great success, and McCay performed it in various cities of the East of the U.S. Later in the year he had the opportunity to produce a version of the show for the cinema, with added scenes caricaturing the production of the animated part. Finally the 12 minutes long movie of Gertie the Dinosaur was announced and released on November 14. 1914.

Figure from Wikipedia.

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